We Need Back Pride and Passion
Date: Wednesday, May 12 @ 21:18:20 UTC
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by Disappointed_Seladang on Tuesday, May 11 @ 19:24:11 MYT

Dear Management,

I am ONE of the THOUSANDS of our beloved Perak Football Team fan, hugely disappointed with our 'current' status on Malaysian Football.

It's shame for us to see our SILVER STATE team, faltering from day to day.. Does anyone taking any drastic action to solve the crisis and bring back the gloriuos days???

WE, once the most consistent TEAM in Malaysian Football, if im not mistaken, for these last 3 decades, we were there in any of the competetion.. esp late 90s and mid 2000s... always love to see the way the team played and so on...

STADIUM PERAK, once a fortress for any away team, now became an easiest venue for any team.. They came, They WON!!! We.. SUFFERING!!! The reasons behind our past success;
1. Well Managed Manager
2. Good Coaches (Karathu/Weigang/Netto)
3. Good Players (almost the players of 90s and mid 2000s)
4. Good Attacking Game
An average of 15,000 fans each game!!!!

Can the current management look out at our history please? What is the management doing for our downfall?

We're not politicians. Sports, esp Football in Perak cannot be played in Political Arena... It's a shame for us!!!! Come on.. we're not againsting anyone, but purely disappointed with our STATE's status!!! Please... Please..

Can the management get rid off all the 'tin kosong' in Perak FA and rebuild our lovely team..

We, Perak always creating good footballers.. but in the end, these players achieving successes with other team..
We need back those stars shining at other states.. (Indra Putra, Shahrul Nizam, R.Surendren, Khalid Jamlus, Mohd Hamsani Ahmad, S.Subramaniam, Liew Kit Kong, Fakraani Sharani and many others) Look at these players.. if we have these quality players, how would be our status now? STADIUM PERAK always have a BLAST MAN!!!!

So please think... and do something immediately to bring back our glorious days!! We're eagerly awaiting for those days to be back immediately!!!

Disappointed Perak Football Team Fan

Dear Management Again,

Please don't IGNORED this worrying message.. We're worried of our most lovely sports in the state.. That's FOOTBALL.. If you look at the Stadium those days, you can see a TRUELY PERAKIAN off the pitch!!! The Rakyat Perak inside the stadium always UNITE and SUPPORT the team with full carings.. We do 'cried' for our success... Remembering those days!!!

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